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Sherlock Holmes For Dummies
One of the most rewarding elements of a resurgence in interest in Sherlock Holmes - particularly driven by Guy Ritchie's movie this time around -  is the inevitable complementary products that round out the field. For better or worse, everyone sees an opportunity to merchandise the subject.

In this case, though, there's definitely something from the "better" column: a new book afoot that will be essential as new Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts find their way to the great detective: Sherlock Holmes For Dummies by Steven Doyle, BSI ("The Western Morning News"), co-founder of the Wessex Press, and David A. Crowder. In what will surely become a cornerstone book for anyone who's interested in learning about world of Sherlock Holmes and his enthusiasts around the world, you'll find a treasure trove of material, including:
  • A list of all Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels
  • A detailed picture of Britain during Holmes's time
  • In-depth analysis of Holmes and Watson as characters
  • Detailed coverage of the four novels in the Sherlockian canon
  • Holmes portrayals in television, movies, onstage, and in fan fiction
  • The most memorable quotes of Holmes
  • Active Sherlockian societies in the United States
In addition, readers will be able to: identify key themes, settings, and characters; see the influence of Holmes stories and their impact on literature, mystery writing, and detective work; discover Holmes through his contemporary fan following, and stage and screen adaptations; and appreciate the literary genius of the Sherlock Holmes canon.

In short, if you're looking to get started with Sherlock Holmes, his world, the stories and fans, Sherlock Holmes For Dummies should be your first stop. You can purchase it here. And perhaps think about buying a few copies, to gift to the young or new Sherlockians you may know.

UPDATE: Here's a handy rebate form if you purchase the book.

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