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"he had actually won" [EMPT]

Did you think we forgot about the contest we were running? Not to worry! We keep our word. And we're here to make good on our promise to award a full year's subscription of the Baker Street Journal, plus the Christmas Annual to three lucky winners.

If you missed the original post, the gist of it was as follows: each page of the BSJ Web site contains a Canonical image. We asked participants to name the story associated with each page, 14 in all. Naturally, you all found that we had left one page out of our calculations, so there were actually 15.

We were very impressed (and overwhelmed!) with the level of participation. Not to mention the high quality of responses. Nevertheless, we committed to three winners. We've tallied the results and selected the three perfect scores. But first, here are the answers:

  1. Home page: The Priory School
  2. FAQs: The Beryl Coronet
  3. What's New: The Norwood Builder
  4. Site map: The Priory School
  5. Watson's Weird Tales: The Devil's Foot
  6. Shoscombe Alice: Shoscombe Old Place
  7. Archived Articles: The Musgrave Ritual
  8. Items for Sale: Charles Augustus Milverton
  9. Morley-Montgomery Award: The Three Students
  10. Links: Shoscombe Old Place
  11. Good Old Index: The Sussex Vampire
  12. Contact Us: The Three Garridebs
  13. Submissions: The Hound of the Baskervilles
  14. Letters to Baker Street: Wisteria Lodge
  15. BSI Weekend: The Sign of Four
The participants who submitted perfect scores were: Randall Stock, Marilynne McKay and Bob Byrne. Congratulations to you all!