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“Her idea of cuisine is a little limited” [NAVA] 

One of the most remembered quotes about Mrs. Hudson and her culinary abilities comes from "The Naval Treaty, " in which Holmes, Watson, and Percy Phelps sit down for breakfast a la Hudson.

“Mrs. Hudson has risen to the occasion,” said Holmes, uncovering a dish of curried chicken. “Her cuisine is a little limited, but she has as good an idea of breakfast as a Scotch-woman. What have you here, Watson?”
“Ham and eggs,” I answered.

We know that what Mr. Phelps uncovers is entirely inedible, but we'll leave the spoilers out of it for now.

Could it be that Mrs. Hudson tired of cooking for the Baker Street boys after so many years? After all, she must have taken possession of 221B Baker Street after her husband's death, and being a landlady to one of the worst tenants in London likely took a toll on her.

In "The Problem of Thor Bridge," we're told that there is a new cook: 
“There is little to share, but we may discuss it when you have consumed the two hard-boiled eggs with which our new cook has favoured us. Their condition may not be unconnected with the copy of the Family Herald which I observed yesterday upon the hall-table. Even so trivial a matter as cooking an egg demands an attention which is conscious of the passage of time and incompatible with the love romance in that excellent periodical.”

Thus, the "old" cook was likely to have been Mrs. Hudson. Either she required a holiday from cooking or Holmes (in his uniquely straightforward way) intimated that he had had enough of her cooking.

She had a little more variety when it came to her duties in the dining hall at Baker Street Elementary...

Baker Street Elementary follows the original adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, as they and their friends work through the issues of elementary school in Victorian London. An archive of all previous episodes can be viewed at www.bakerstreetelementary.org.



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