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"It arrived upon Christmas morning." [BLUE]

We're fans of GIFs, whether you pronounce them like the 'g' in giraffe or the correct way.

So much of Internet culture has grown around GIFs as memes, as they're part of the user design for Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms. And as Sherlock Holmes invariably finds his way into popular culture, it's only natural that Sherlock Holmes should be part of GIF culture as well.

That brings us to The Bloo Sparkly (click for the fullsize image), a retelling of "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" with stick figures as a GIF, which you can also see above. This illustration was originally presented by whorl on the now-defunct site Holmesian.net and is a perennial favorite here.

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We hope that your holiday is an enjoyable one. Expect to see us back here again in two days (i.e. "the second morning after Christmas" [BLUE]).

Until then, we wish you the compliments of the season.