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"It arrived upon Christmas morning." [BLUE]

Since animated GIFs are becoming more prevalent, we thought we'd pull out this old chestnut from seven years ago.

The artifact in question is a fine example that we found and sought permission (some decade ago) from a member of the now-defunct Holmesian.net site named "whorl". 

Once again, we're proud and honored to bring you The Bloo Sparkly (click for the fullsize image), a retelling of "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" with stick figures, which you can see above. If you're reading this on a feed reader or via email, please click on "I Hear of Sherlock" in the header of the email to advance to the website to see the animation. The slides advance automatically, so if you need to start over, just hit F5 or refresh your browser to start over.

We hope that your holiday is an enjoyable one. Expect to see us back here again in two days (i.e. "the second morning after Christmas" [BLUE]).