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Every once in a great while, a book with special significance is published in the world of Sherlock Holmes fans. When the Canon was completed and the stories appeared in the first version of The Complete Sherlock Holmes; when Vincent Starrett brought forth scholarship and fun in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes; when William S. Baring-Gould, BSI ("The Gloria Scott") took a stab at compiling research and chronologies in The Annotated Sherlock Holmes; and now as Mattias Boström, BSI ("The Swedish Pathological Society") has chronicled the rise of Sherlock Holmes in popular culture.

From Holmes to Sherlock looks not at Conan Doyle's life as a biography would, and does not look at the stories as scholars would. Rather, it shows how Sherlock Holmes was brought to life and how the character evolved over time through the many creators, actors and fans who have kept the interest going.

We talked with Mattias about the creative process, his inspiration, and his other major Sherlockian works. We hope you'll learn a few things along with us.

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1:35 Hi and welcome
2:10 An astounding—even an amazing—revelation
4:40 An obvious number
6:40 Wessex Press
8:31 Mattias Boström joins us
10:42 Where the idea for the book was born
14:13 Models for the unique style of the book
22:29 Research materials and locations
30:05 Vincent Starrett's visit to FDR's office in 1914
33:02 Mattias' first meeting with Sherlock Holmes
37:42 One of our earlier guests was a pen pal of Mattias during their childhoods
44:35 Scandinavia and Sherlock Holmes
47:57 The Baker Street Journal
50:42 The Parallel Holmes
54:27 The most influential Sherlock Holmes
57:55 Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers
1:05:32 Churchill's A History of the English-Speaking Peoples
1:07:55 Our biggest surprise from the book
1:10:32 Sherlock Holmes Brand Halloween Products
1:12:40 A final plea


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