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Regular subscribers here are likely familiar with our audio program which shares the name of our site: I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. On it, you'll hear interviews with guests who are authors, entertainers, or interesting Sherlockians. We like to think of it as Fresh Air for Sherlock Holmes fans.

You might know about our parallel show, Trifles, in which we spend 15 minutes at a time talking about something in the Sherlock Holmes stories. We've got the latest shows to share with you below. But first, something else.

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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere and Trifles have been entered as eligible podcasts in the 2017 Podcast Awards.

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June Update

We wrapped up our June production with four episodes hitting the airwaves during the month.

Married Life with Dr. Watson gave us a glimpse into what Mrs. Watson had to deal with, specifically with the urgent telegram from Sherlock Holmes in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery." We also feature a musical tribute to the recently deceased Peter Sallis.

With Father's Day approaching, we published Heads of Household to explore some of the nontraditional authority figures in the Canon. While some of them weren't parents themselves, they served in some sort of parental or guardian role.

If your stepfather was dating you, you'd probably know it was him, right? Well, we considered Mary Sutherland's situation and determined it was An Unbelievable Case of Identity. Perhaps you'll agree.

And finally, we thought that The Plot Device of the Three Garridebs seemed familiar. Familiar as in a variation of it had been used not once but twice before in the Sherlock Holmes stories. So which one comes out on top?

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Did you know that each introduction is just slightly different than the last? If you listen closely, you may be able to hear. Collect them all! And each show ends with a familiar phrase or two from a certain production of Sherlock Holmes on television.