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"His springy step never slowed" [SOLI] 

We're preparing to record Episode 96 of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, which will air on May 15. Spring is definitely in the air, and Scott and Burt have recently returned from some travel that included Sherlockian destinations and activities.

Our Mental Exaltation quiz on Episode 96 will be vernal in nature, so hop to it!

Here's how Mental Exaltation works:

Each month, we'll post a qualifying question to determine a listener who'll play / be played for on the program. Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries.

If you'd like to enter, you must subscribe to I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere by email.

We'll either have a guest play on your behalf or we'll patch you into the show to have you play over the phone or Skype.

If you or your player succeed in passing the test, you'll win a random item from our I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Grab-Bag of Goodies (that's the IHOSE GBG).

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Good luck!