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"a connoisseur and collector" [ILLU]

Glen Miranker, BSI, 2s ("The Origin of Tree Worship") is one of the foremost Sherlockian and Doylean collectors in the world. To see his collection in person would send chills up even the most austere Sherlockian's spine.

We asked Glen to join us, not solely because of the depth and breadth of his Sherlockian collection, but because he has many personal stories that effectively illustrate what it means to be a collector. From his first real collectible book to the individuals who mentored him along the way, Glen learned a great deal and is more than willing to share his passion with the world.

From Sherlockian giants like Dan Posnansky, Marv Epstein and Bliss Austin, we hear of Glen's encounters with them and what they passed along to him. We literally step into Glen's library on a tour (audio-only, although we do have a few photos of what lies within), including some original Conan Doyle letters and even trench warfare magazines - just the tip of the iceberg of his collection.

We also have a roundup of Sherlock Holmes news, from events to the summer feature Mr. Holmes, to a fascinating set of infographics from The Guardian, as well as some listener comments. That plus our usual set of sponsors (and one very special one) round out the show.

This time around the Gas-Lamp is a poem from another San Francisco Sherlockian on the auspicious evening of March 31, 1944. And you might want to be sure you pay attention for a special Easter egg.

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