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"a stream of remarks" [SILV] 

Each week on our Facebook Page, we hold an informal contest of sorts. We post an original illustration of the Sherlock Holmes stories (all have been by Sidney Paget to date) and we ask our fans to add their own brand of offbeat caption.

Here's a brief history of the images, with the before and after:

Click here for original post and suggested captions

The winning caption

Click here for the original post and suggested captions
Some of our favorites that didn't make the cut:
"I deduce your fly is open."
"Yes, your new antiperspirant does keep you a little dryer."
"And...a perfect dismount." "Watson, did you have to put the pommel horse in the sitting room?"

The winner

The full collection of images is available in an album for your review.

As you can see if you click through to the original images on Facebook, there are more captions than we can use, and often they are all quite good, making it difficult for our judging committee to select them. We hope that you'll join us on our Facebook page regularly and submit your own captions - or at least enjoy those of your fellow Sherlockians.

Oh, and the winning caption from the lead image above: