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"upon these tragic events" [HOUN]

All eyes have been on Boston in the last 36 hours. As with others, we extend our heartfelt sympathy for the victims, their families and loved ones. As we spent 20 years in Boston, it is particularly gut wrenching to observe the goings on from afar, powerless to do anything to help.

Because we specialize in the written word, we thought that it might be helpful to reflect on a world that Vincent Starrett remembered and lived in some 70 years ago when he penned the sonnet "221B" that appeared in Profile by Gaslight. That sentiment is very much still in play in 2013 as we contemplate a world that explodes.

Yes, we're fortunate to share an interest that keeps us grounded in what seemed like a more genteel and serene age. But the work of our Sherlockian forbears reminds us that every generation has its challenges - challenges that afford us the escapism that good storytelling can provide.

May we remember that well.