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illu-08BREAKING: We're all familiar with sight of Holmes appearing with his head bandaged, standing in a triumphant manner before Baron Gruner in "The Illustrious Client."

But now we have news that our more recent Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, is being shown as bloody and being rushed to the hospital.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the filming was taking place for the upcoming second season of Sherlock, which you may recall last saw Holmes meeting his archenemy Professor Moriarty face to face at St. Bart's Hospital. The scenes reported in the Daily Mail took place 70 feet up on the roof of the building being used as the hospital, when Sherlock fell (or was pushed?) off the roof to the street below. According to the paper:
Pictures taken on set of the new series, due for broadcast this autumn, show actor Benedict Cumberbatch with a bloody head as he is put on a stretcher and taken away by paramedics.
And here you can see one of the images:
Screen capture of the Daily Mail website.
What will become of Sherlock in this next season? Will we see him return to active practice after such a devastating injury? We've seen it before in "The Illustrious Client" and "The Dying Detective." But since this particular episode, titled "A Scandal in Belgravia" is based on "A Scandal in Bohemia," we'll simply point out what happened to the non-conformist clergyman when he was "injured" by the crowd at Briony Lodge...

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