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I think the 21st century is finally starting to catch up with us. As a reader of this blog, you no doubt have seen some wonderful things, thanks to the advancing technology. It would seem now that the monarchy of Great Britain is joining in the fun.

If you haven't heard, on the heels of her 81st birthday, making her the oldest monarch in England's history (long may she reign!), Queen Elizabeth II will be broadcasting her annual Christmas message on YouTube. And in advance of that news, the Royal Family has established its own channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/theroyalchannel

We American Sherlockians have always bowed to the east, in honor of the queen of Sherlock Holmes's time, as well as our present-day queen. While it's not terribly Sherlockian, allow me to share with you the first televised Christmas Greeting, from Elizabeth II in 1957. And may you and yours have a very Happy Christmas.