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In this episode of the only Sherlockian podcast, we begin our interview the head of the Baker Street Irregulars - the internationally renowned literary society that remains at the forefront of the study of Sherlock Holmes. Michael Whelan has been "Wiggins" of the BSI for the last decade, and here he shares some thoughts on his own personal history, the organization, the annual gathering known as the BSI Weekend, and more.

The Baker Street Irregulars is the umbrella organization for a host of so-called scion societies around the world and has been in existence since 1934.

Show Notes

1:15 Introduction & welcome
5:10 Mike's first experience with Sherlock Holmes
9:50 A Rotary-like element to being a Sherlockian
10:15 Mike's first Sherlockian dinner, 1969 - Hugo's Companions
11:18 Mike's first BSI dinner, 1973
13:16 The Montgomery tradition begins and other Irregularities
15:36 Mike gets his investiture and discussion of the "wait list"
17:54 How Mike became the head of the BSI
22:59 That's a lot of dinners!
23:26 The BSI's style - informal, no dues, no requirements
25:29 Tom Stix changed some things, Mike's vision for the organization
30:48 The BSI re-enters the publishing business
38:38 Archiving this podcast and other BSI-related material
42:21 Show wrap-up and highlights from next week's conclusion

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