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I've inadvertently discovered Laurie King's blog, aptly titled Laurie R. King -- Mutterings. In today's post, Madison, Thursday, she rightly mutters about the harried travel schedule of a highly-acclaimed author.

Ms. King writes that she spoke at an event with Les Klinger last night during which she made a rather important announcement:
"And I told them what I’ll announce here now, that Laurie King’s unwitting feud with international Sherlockianism (is that a word?) is officially over and made up. Yes, I have been asked to speak at the annual dinner of the Baker Street Irregulars in New York this January."
Yes, Ms. King is the Distinguished Lecturer this year. She joins a who's who roster of speakers from past years, including Nicholas Meyer, Madeleine Stern, John Berendt, Leroy Panek, Owen Dudley Edwards and Gahan Wilson.


Leslie S. Klinger said... September 29, 2006 at 10:45 AM

And Laurie and Les will appear together again, at the Madison bookstore "Booked for Murder," 2701 University Ave., at 11:30 on Saturday, September 30. Come on down!