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August 7, 2006, to be precise. This is the date I've chosen to unveil the feature of the "utmost coolness" to the Sherlockian community.

I started with Peter Blau's master list of Sherlockian societies, then mapped them all on a new site called Frappr in order to give us the beginnings of Sherlockians Around the World. This site uses Yahoo's/Google's mapping technology and allows us to create a visual/virtual community of Sherlockians around the world.

It is entirely interactive, so you can add your name, photo, make comments, edit your scion society contact information (including adding a Web address if appropriate). It works for individuals as well as scions, and Sherlockian sites of interest.

Going on a trip and want to see if there's a Sherlockian nearby? Check the map. Want to know if there's a local scion where you're going and if they're having a meeting? Check the map and cross reference it with our Sherlockian Calendar.

In addition to viewing the icons on the map, you can view a list of individuals, societies and locations in a list, which you can sort by name, location, or date added.

Members can also post photos of themselves (similar to what has been done at the comprehensive database of Holmesians, the Sherlockian Who's Who site, maintained by Thierry St. Joanis and Alex Barquin).

Please take a moment to visit the Sherlockians Around the World site and - most importantly - add your information to it. The more people participate, the stronger our community will be.

And if you would like to tell a Sherlockian friend about this new feature, use the envelope icon below to forward this post to them. We need your help to spread the word!

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Anonymous said... August 7, 2006 at 10:15 PM

We await the pereginations of Waldo Watson, who is soon to explore three separate continents and hobknob with the natives.