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The poll for the Summer issue of the Baker Street Journal (Vol. 56, No. 2) is up and running in the top right portion of the page. If you haven't voted yet, hop on over and select the feature that you like the most. Vote early and vote often (you know who you are).

And for those of you who are curious, here are the results from the Spring issue, out of 94 votes (What is your favorite feature of the Spring BSJ?):
  • Art in the Blood - 1 vote
  • The Editor's Gas-Lamp - 2 votes
  • The BSI Weekend Recap - 2 votes
  • Commonplace Book/Inventory - 3 votes
  • From Sardines to Sodality - 5 votes
  • Holmes, Moriarty & the Faust Ledgent - 14 votes
  • An Old Campaigner - 29 votes
  • Shoscombe Through the Looking Glass - 36 votes

Thank you to everyone who voted!