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“How came you there?” [BLAC] 

Questing was Sherlock Holmes's business. He took in the world around him and tried (and succeeded most often) to make sense of it — as did his creator Arthur Conan Doyle.

In his efforts to connect the dots in his latest book, The Worlds of Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Lycett goes questing, just as many of his previous biographical subjects did.  

We journey with Andrew across the place, the times, the wider world that gave birth to this remarkable character, and the way the character shaped the world. The marvel over the physical book itself, which is beautifully done and the perfect addition to every Sherlockian library.

We have news items from the Sherlockian world and another Canonical Couplet that is absurdly simple. Be sure to submit your answer for consideration for a copy of The Worlds of Sherlock Holmes.

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