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“they took into partnership” [VALL] 

As Christopher Morley told us, the Sherlock Holmes stories were a textbook of friendship. But more than that, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson relied on each other as erstwhile business partners. 

Not partners in the legally binding sense, but certainly a symbiotic relationship of sorts: Holmes gained notoriety through Watson's writings, and Watson gathered story material from Holmes's cases. Partners in crime, as it were.

But it got us thinking about more formal partnerships—of the professional sort. 

Here is a list of 20 professional firms in the Canon. Can you name the sort of business each practiced, and which story they're from?
  1. Allan Brothers
  2. Mawson & Williams
  3. Brickfall and Amberley
  4. Coxon & Woodhouse
  5. Dawson & Neligan 
  6. Graham and McFarlane
  7. Harding Brothers
  8. Holder & Stevenson
  9. Madame Lesurier
  10. Marx & Co.
  11. Morton & Kennedy 
  12. Morrison, Morrison and Dodd
  13. Ferguson & Muirhead
  14. Rae & Sturmash
  15. Ross & Mangles 
  16. John Underwood & Sons
  17. Westhouse & Marbank
  18. Stimson & Company
  19. Venner & Matheson
  20. Holloway & Steele

Five points for each correct answer. We're relying on the honor system. Send answers to comment @ ihearofsherlock.com and we'll have a prize for the best score.

Meanwhile, let's see what kind of a partnership is brewing at Baker Street Elementary...

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