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 “it is of course a trifle, but there is nothing so important as Trifles” [TWIS]

The IHOSE Media-produced podcast Trifles has entered its seventh season and shows no signs of slowing down.

Hosts Scott Monty and Burt Wolder, who started the twice-monthly I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere interview podcast in 2007, gather 'round the microphone weekly on Trifles to discuss various aspects of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Past seasons have been wide-ranging, encompassing everything from various elements inside 221B Baker Street, the unpublished cases, and games and sports, as well as a look back at some Sherlockian scholarship of the past in our "Mr. Sherlock Holmes the Theorist" and "Masters Class" series.

We've collected the various categories in one place on Soundcloud, and you can certainly look through the archives of individuals on the Trifles website or on the podcast player of your choice.

Meanwhile, here's what the first month of Season 7 looked like:

Episode 314 – Mentors in the Canon

A new regular feature uses a monthly observance (National ____ Month) to guide our discussions. Since January was National Mentor Month, we looked at how certain figures in the Sherlock Holmes stories acted as mentors for their juniors, including Sherlock Holmes himself.

Episode 315 – Pianos

How many times and in which stories do we find pianos mentioned? The answer may surprise you.

Episode 316 – The Early Years of Sherlock Holmes

The Masters Class series continues, as we take some classic Sherlockian scholarship that is particularly admirable, discussing it and the craft and skill in writing it. This season, we'll be looking at four specific scholars. This first entry is from Sherlock Holmes: Ten Literary Studies by Trevor Hall and involves a young Sherlock Holmes.

Episode 317 – A Detective by Any Other Name

Early on, Sherlock Holmes tells us there are all kinds of detectives, public and private, but he does not consider himself one. Well, neither did the official police. Just how was he categorized and how did that change over the years?

Next up, don't miss a rousing discussion of how many times Watson was married. (Hint: more than you think!)

It's all part of the regular fun and discussion of some of the most trivial yet fascinating details from the Sherlock Holmes canon. It's just a Trifle.