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“and his wife, to give exhibitions” [VEIL]

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Last night, The Grolier Club hosted a reception for the opening of the "Sherlock Holmes in 221 Objects" exhibition by Cathy Miranker and Glen Miranker, BSI ("The Origin of Tree Worship").

Glen has been a collector of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle items for decades. First enabled introduced to the hobby by his unsuspecting wife Cathy, his collection of some 8,000 objects is one of the finest of its kind in the world.

Over the weekend The New York Times featured the exhibition in its pages. We've arranged for a free version of the article, "A Sherlock Holmes Mystery at the Grolier Club" to be made available to our readers.

Original paintings by Sidney Paget and Frederic Dorr Steele, letters from Conan Doyle, hundreds of pirated editions of the early novels, original material related to the William Gillette play, and a number of original manuscripts of the Sherlock Holmes stories — all of these are part of Glen's fabulous collection.

You can see some of the items on display at the Grolier in this video, live streamed from the exhibition last night (remarks begin at 26:46), and below in some images. Glen says a few words, particularly about Cathy, who did most of the writing for the displays. You can also see some of the items up close.

For a more in-depth understanding of Glen's collection, the exhibition, and how it came to life, don't miss Episode 227 of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, "Sherlock Holmes in 221 Objects".

Sherlockians who are in New York City this week for the BSI Weekend festivities will have an opportunity to stop by. For those not in attendance, the exhibition continues through April 16, 2022. Arrangements to visit can be made at the Grolier Club website.

And The Grolier has launched a site to explore the exhibition virtually as well.

Images from last night's reception

The Adventures and Memoirs

William Gillette

Arthur Conan Doyle in His Own Hand

The Death of Sherlock Holmes and rebirth of Conan Doyle

A letter from Conan Doyle and the original Paragon exercise book containing the MS of "The Solitary Cyclist"

One of the most astounding of the manuscripts: "The Dancing Men"

Original Frederic Dorr Steele illustration from "Wisteria Lodge"

The complete set of original Frederic Dorr Steele illustrations accompanying "Wisteria Lodge" in Collier's

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