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"I was invited to a week-end gathering" [LAST]

After a one-year hiatus from in-person events, the BSI Weekend is back. But it's going to look and feel different this year.

First, you're likely to see people wearing masks indoors. And all BSI events (as well as restaurants in New York City) require patrons to show proof of vaccination.

But there are also changes to the lineup of events and venues.

First, the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, nearly 100 years old and which served as the unofficial headquarters of the weekend, closed its doors permanently during the pandemic. Taking its place is the Westin New York Grand Central Hotel. 

You'll find two events have been added on Thursday: a brief awards ceremony for the ACD Society and a special reception for the Sherlock Holmes in 221 Objects exhibition at The Grolier Club.

Sadly, the William Gillette Memorial Luncheon is on hiatus this year due to a lack of space given Covid considerations.

Please check the BSI Weekend site for comprehensive information about the weekend. The BSI site has information and registration forms for all of the official BSI-hosted events.

A few other things to note:
  1. If you're sharing this on social media, please use the hashtag #BSIWeekend. This makes it easier to follow the topic (despite who you're following), makes photos easier to find, and increases the chances of creating a trending topic that could get media attention.
  2. This year, accommodations are only at the Westin New York Grand Central Hotel, which is also the site of the Distinguished Speaker Lecture for the first time.
  3. If you have any suggestions for people attending for the first time, please email us or leave a comment below; we'll be posting our annual tips for getting the most out of the BSI Weekend next week, and it would be great to include yours.
  4. Please stay tuned for another post about information on helping to make the BSI Weekend enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

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