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“And why not Norwood?” [NORW] 

Before there was Jeremy Brett, there was Anthony Edward Brett. Like the modern-day television actor, he played Sherlock Holmes in over 40 films.

But you know him as Eille Norwood.

Most of his Sherlock Holmes films from the 1920s remain hidden from the public, so when the British Film Institute announced a major restoration project, we called Russell Merritt, BSI ("The Trepoff Murder") to enlighten us.

Russell is a silent film scholar, having recently retired from the University of California, Berkley as a professor of film. He was actively involved in the restoration of other recently discovered silent Sherlock Holmes films such as William Gillette's 1916 Sherlock Holmes and the German Der Hund der Baskervilles from 1929.

Together, we go behind the scenes of the Norwood films — a drama itself — and cover the Clive Brook film, as well as Russell's Holy Grail of lost Sherlock Holmes films.

And of course, we have another Canonical Couplet to challenge your acuity. If you are chosen as a winner, you'll get some mystery item from the IHOSE vaults. Answers are due by September 14, 2021 at 11:59 a.m. EDT.

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Transcript - I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Episode 223: Eille Norwood, Restored