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 "Maybe you collect yourself, sir" [EMPT]

It's the end of 2020, and we thought it would be fun to interview each other about some of the favorite items in our collection. Even better: we thought we'd do it on live video.

In addition to pulling out some items that may make your raise your eyebrows (either at the value of the items or our mental state upon purchasing them), we talked about the nature of collecting, the intrinsic value and feeling that some items bring, and gave a few tips on what collectors might think about.

But mostly, we enjoyed connecting with our listeners and viewers, who were kind enough to tune in and pepper us with comments throughout the show.

We also discussed a new structure for our Patreon and PayPal supporters, including a forthcoming community we're building for them on Discord. Stay tuned for more on this in future posts and episodes.

We announced the final winner of this year's Canonical Couplet where we give you two lines of poetry that describe one of the stories, and you name it. We'll resume the quiz in Season 15.

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