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"The stage lost a fine actor" [SCAN] 

David Stuart Davies, BSI ("Ralph Musgrave") is the world's leading authority on Jeremy Brett. David has written extensively about Brett, including in his landmark 1996 biography Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, published the year after Brett's death, and having spent many hours interviewing him.

We just marked the 25th anniversary of Jeremy Brett's death on September 12. We took the opportunity to talk with David about Brett, as well as his memories of interacting with the late Peter Cushing.

David is a prolific writer, with novels and non-fiction to plays and short stories, and decades of editing. A fascinating and funny raconteur, we could spend hours listening to him. 

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Transcript - I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Episode 201: Remembering Jeremy Brett

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