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“The date being—?” [CREE] 

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the more clever, adventurous, and tireless among us – because this is the profile of the Canonical chronologist. The most famous among them is certain William S. Baring-Gould ("The Gloria Scott"), but he was flanked by other greats such as Bell, Christ, Blakeney, Zeisler, Dakin and more.

Add to that list one of our contemporaries: Vincent Wright. Hailing from Indianapolis, this intrepid researcher and proprietor of Historical Sherlock joins us to tell us why the dating of the Sherlock Holmes stories never gets old. He brings us along on the journey of a true researcher, shares a stumbling block, and posits how the future of Sherlockian chronology may lie in the standard template of a teenage book genre from the early 1980s.

Vincent's speaking engagements are far and wide, and he's always ruminating on a variety of topics, either in private or on his blog. The passion he brings to this hobby is infectious.

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1:38 Hey hey hey!
4:10 Drunken crab alert
5:01 Wessex Press
6:41 Welcome Vincent
8:15 First meeting with Sherlock Holmes
11:15 First exposure to Sherlock Holmes chronologies
13:30 Famous chronologists
19:05 Vincent begins his own chronology
23:08 A major problem with Watson's marriages that is gumming things up
24:42 The Baker Street Journal
26:15 Irregular approach to a chronology
29:27 Research, research, research
32:12 How much is enough? And will chronologies ever end?
38:45 The choose your own adventure approach
40:33 The Sherlockian convention circuit
46:00 The Canon as a canvas
47:45 The Sherlockian news
54:46 Canonical Couplet
58:44 Outtake


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