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"a tall, gaunt man of sixty" [LAST] 

Here's an idea we saw on Facebook that might be interesting.

David Marcum posted a suggestion in the Sherlock Street Irregulars discussion group on Facebook:
"...a new World War I-era film, with Holmes and Watson in their 60's, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and David Robb."

We've always been impressed with the acting skills of Day-Lewis, and his physical appearance is near enough Holmes's. And David Robb, who played another doctor from the Edwardian/Georgian era – Dr. Clarkson in Downton Abbey – has the manner and bearing of a military doctor.

Recall that in "His Last Bow," which was set in 1914, Sherlock Holmes was described as "a tall, gaunt man of sixty," and that Watson – Holmes's peer – would have been approximately the same age. Here then, we have some examples of how Daniel Day-Lewis would appear as Holmes:

And we think we have an excellent Dr. Watson in David Robb:

We think these two would be perfectly cast in such an effort. What do you think?