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"the Colonel possessed a varied collection" [CROO] 

Tom Francis, Dan Posnansky, and Richard Olken
Photo courtesy of Glen Miranker

There are certain hallmarks of good collectors that make them stand out. One is that they enjoy the hunt as much as they enjoy the treasure. Another is that they enjoy sharing their plunder with others who appreciate the significance of such items.

It's no mistake that we're using terms piratical to describe the Dan Posnansky, BSI ("Colonel Hayter") approach to collecting. For his collection includes the largest number of assembled pirated editions of the Sherlock Holmes stories in the world. But it also includes much more than that. And now it's up for auction.

We invited Glen Miranker, BSI ("The Origin of Tree Worship") back to talk with us, as his friendship with Dan goes back 40 years, and his own collecting abilities grew under Dan's guidance. Join us on this journey as we explore what makes a collector like Dan tick, and what are some of the gems of this once-in-a-generation auction of Sherlockian and Doylean material.

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4:50 A word from the Ancient, Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Wessex
6:20 Introducing Glen Miranker
10:00 The lure of "pirated" editions
15:23 Posnansky collection overview
20:00 A unique collector
22:00 The breadth and volume of the collection
29:15 Collecting secrets
36:50 Among the treasures: Bell's Chronology
45:20 The joy of sharing
47:38 How Glen met Dan
57:43 The Baker Street Journal
59:28 The latest Sherlock Holmes Brand Product
1:01:13 The Editor's Gas-Lamp: Tom Francis's essay on Dan


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