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"a puzzled quarter of an hour" [MISS]

If you've ever read a Sherlock Holmes story, you know that the reminiscences of John H. Watson, MD can be hazy at times. At least when it comes to details.

The plots are usually gripping, even though some are completely devoid of crime. The narrative around setting and surroundings are consistently artistic and descriptive. But, "the devil is in the details," as the adage goes, and "The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter" is no exception.

In the opening paragraph, Watson clearly tells us that the case began on "a gloomy February morning." And yet, as we learn, the player was missing from a key game — a game typically played in another month.

Fear not! Plenty of chronologists have trod this ground before, and a number of them helpfully point out the actual date. And it's the topic of the latest episode of Trifles.

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