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"It is for the convenience of these that the Diogenes Club was started" [GREE] 

Sherlockian societies are literally everywhere. Go ahead and check — we'll wait. And just as there are many things that make them unique, there are just as many that bind them together.

Whether it's traditions, geography, frequency, or program style, Sherlock Holmes is at the center of it all. And while Sherlock and his brother Mycroft felt right at home at the Diogenes Club, which was created for the most unsociable and unclubbable men around, Sherlockian gatherings exist for just the opposite reason. We band together because we're gregarious people and we have a common love of all things related to the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Burt's recent travels have taken him to a number of Sherlock Holmes groups, and he reflects on what's special about each. You might find some confluence with groups you belong to; or perhaps there are stark differences. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think other interested Sherlockians should know about your local group's traditions.

Listen along to hear about these and other discoveries, including Scott's revelation that there's a difference between the Hoboken Free State and the Hoboken-free state. Top it off with our Gas-Lamp, the poem "The Friendship Club" by Charles E. Lauterbach, which appeared in the 1958 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual.

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1:32 Hello and introduction
2:49 Wessex Press
4:15 There's another podcast out there
6:54 The people and the groups related to our hobby
11:01 The Grillparzer Club of the Hoboken Free State
15:28 The Christopher Morley Walk at the Baker Street Irregulars and Friends Weekend
18:56 Frequency, traditions and creativity galore mean unique experiences
33:55 Let's hear about your area's Sherlockian society's traditions
34:52 The News!
38:15 Tribute to Andrew Sachs
43:52 The Baker Street Journal
45:23 The Editor's Gas-Lamp
52:23 Your help needed

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