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"registered your name" [VALL]

The Baker Street Irregulars Weekend (click for past coverage) has been happening in one way or another consistently since 1934. And while the early years simply centered around an invitation-only dinner that was founded by Christopher Morley and continued by Edgar W. Smith, over time, it has expanded to occupy an entire weekend and more.

With the BSI dinner being the only event that requires an invitation, the rest of the festivities from Wednesday through Sunday are open to the public, and the weekend is more appropriately referred to as the BSI and Friends Weekend. You can see the entire schedule of events at the BSI Weekend site. It takes place from January 4-8, 2017 in New York City.

But this year, there's more.

Now — for the events of the Weekend that are hosted by the Baker Street Irregulars — you can register online. The site is fairly easy to navigate; just select the events you'd like to attend, whether or not you need lodging, and the rest is automatically calculated for you.

Since this year is a pilot of sorts, the site requires registrants to mail in a check rather than to pay with a credit card (not really intuitive, since online registration systems are generally built to handle everything online, but it's a small price to pay for eventual modernization. After all, the BSI has only been handling PayPal since 2001...), but confirmations are automatically emailed out and the system tracks everything.

If you're at all interested in the company and fellowship that come with gathering over four days with other Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, the BSI Weekend should be on your radar. And if the events are too costly for you, there's always the John H. Watson Fund that was established to help defray the expenses of Sherlockians who have difficulty meeting the financial requirements of the Weekend.

Or, there are hundreds of local Sherlock Holmes groups around the world. You can check them out here. They range from informal to traditional and are usually less expensive, given the smaller commitment of time and repast.

However you choose to expand your horizons by interacting with other Sherlockians, we hope you enjoy yourself.

A few final things to note:
  1. If you're sharing this on social media, please use the hashtag #BSIWeekend. This makes it easier to follow the topic (despite who you're following), makes photos easier to find, and increases the chances of creating a trending topic that could get media attention.
  2. Feel free to join the event posted on Facebook.
  3. If you have any suggestions for people attending for the first time, please email us or leave a comment below; we'll be posting our annual tips for getting the most out of the BSI Weekend, and it would be great to include yours.
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