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"He has nerve and he has knowledge." [SPEC]

If you're a regular listener of our show, you may remember that in Episode 76: Out of the Abyss, we chatted with Steve Rothman, BSI ("The Valley of Fear"), Bob Katz, BSI ("Dr. Ainstree") and Andy Solberg, BSI ("Professor Coram") about the BSI Manuscript Series entry about "The Empty House." During that conversation, Bob and Andy excitedly told us about their next project — a then-unnamed book about medicine in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Well, this January their book made its debut: the BSI Press unveiled Nerve and Knowledge: Doctors, Medicine and the Sherlockian Canon. Naturally, we invited Bob and Andy to join us on IHOSE for a fourth time to talk about their remarkable experiences putting such a book together. [Previous episodes include episodes 50, 63 and 76.]

Nerve and Knowledge [click to enlarge]

As any good editor would, both Bob and Andy proudly discuss just about every article in their work (try as we might to make them choose a favorite), but Andy made a valid point in mentioning that many of these bear rereading and they hold up well time after time. Every one of the essays in the book is original, and the duo does a fine job of sourcing them and stitching them all together.

What's more is our show gets into backstories, give-and-takes, and perhaps even a little gossip about Sherlockians and the book publishing process. There may be a surprise or two in store if you listen in...

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1:53 Welcome
2:44 Carl Reiner impersonates the Picture of Dorian Gray
3:20 Only seven more episodes until our 100th episode
5:20 Sponsor: Wessex Press
6:38 Nerve and Knowledge introduction
8:45 A flashback
10:38 Welcome, Bob and Andy!
14:02 What's different about this effort
24:50 Catherine Cooke's contribution was a smack-down of one of Bob's BSJ articles
28:55 Further reading chapter uncovered some previously overlooked topics
33:20 Sponsor: Amanda Lester, Detective
36:14 The story behind the cover art on the dust jacket — evidence boxes
47:02 Favorite articles of each of the editors?
59:15 An idea for a sequel volume
1:00:44 Sponsor: The Baker Street Journal
1:02:48 Bob and Andy's next project
1:11:48 Burt is on the hook
1:12:38 Closing comments


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