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"dreaming of the bright green fields" [CROO]

Mid March means it's time for the wearing of the green, as St. Patrick's Day approaches. Accordingly, we grab our shillelaghs and affect a brogue as we discuss some of the Irish connections in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

While there are many Irish references, both subtle and overt, we concentrate primarily on two of the stories where the Irish connection is a central plot point. And interestingly enough, both involved some sort of Irish secret society and the need to go undercover.

We also include a bit of history of some musical instruments, discuss a handful of news items that have come to our attention, and welcome Al Gregory, BSI ("The Grimpen Postmaster") to the show as a contestant on Mental Exaltations. We of course wrap things up with another Editor's Gas-Lamp, this time "The Fortunate Ones" from Vol. 2, No. 3 of The Baker Street Journal (OS).

Easter is later this month, and we've got another Easter egg for you.

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