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Burt and Scott Take a Picture

We were recently at a Sherlockian society meeting and we met a number of our listeners, which we always love doing. While one might think that we make the show just for our own amusement — I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere has been called a cross between Fresh Air and Car Talk for Sherlockians — we do this because of our love of all things Holmesian and to help entertain and educate anyone interested in the world's first unofficial consulting detective.

In our conversations, it became clear that not everyone is aware of or understands all of the listening options available to them. So, in an effort to give our fans more ways to listen that might fit with your lifestyle, we thought we'd give you all of the ways that you can enjoy the audio episodes of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

The IHOSE Site

Right here, where we started it all. The post containing each episode gives you three ways of getting audio content: the player just below the image at the top of the post; the Download link just below the Links section; and the embedded SoundCloud player just beneath that.

Over on the right side of the every page on the site you'll see a section called "Our Latest Show." It contains a player that automatically updates every time we add a new program.

Of course, in the toolbar on the Home page, you'll find a section called "Listen." This gives you the option to click on "Latest Episodes," for a deep dive of posts that only contain audio content; or "Archives," which have a full listing of every single episode on one page. We have an entire section at the bottom of the home page dedicated to our episodes, where you can find them listed as a whole or just with our interview subjects:

Other websites

We have a Tumblr, where our content is automatically posted from our podcast provider. The show is also automatically pulled through to our Facebook page, where you can find a Listen Now tab.

Web-Based Apps

There are a number of sites or apps that are dedicated to serving audio content. And while they're available as mobile apps (more on that in a moment), they're also available to you on the web. These include:
  • iTunes - the original music and podcast store from Apple, where you can find our show at bit.ly/ihearofsherlock
One of the things we particularly like about SoundCloud is the ability to add comments in to parts of the show - by any listener. If you mouse over the little squares below, you can see our comments and jump to that section of the show by clicking on it.

Mobile Apps

One of our listeners told us that he wished he had more time to sit in front of his computer to listen to us. We told him that he didn't have to do that; he could download our episodes to his smartphone and take it on the go with him - on walks, at the gym, on his commute, etc.

Smartphone use has grown exponentially since we first began broadcasting in 2007. In fact, that was the year that the iPhone launched, and with it, the app marketplace that has given rise to everything from Angry Birds to apps that can control your hotel TV with your phone. So it should be no surprise that I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere is mobile app-enabled as well.

Any of the above web-based apps are also available as mobile apps. Simply click on the links above from your mobile device and you should be taken to the appropriate app store. You can then download the app and set it up to subscribe to our shows via your phone, allowing you to listen when you're not at your computer. Some cars will allow you to pair your phone via Bluetooth; others have USB ports that you can use to connect as well. Both options give you the potential to listen to our show via your car's audio system.

In addition to the four major apps listed above, you might have your own "podcatcher" app. Depending on your device preference (iPhone, Android, Windows), you might have different options available to you. For iOS, Pocket Casts is a favorite of ours, while others like Overcast. You can also take a look at a longer list.

If you're more of an Android fan, Podcast Addict is popular, as is Podcast Republic and Beyondpod. The folks at Android Central have a list of the five best podcast listening apps.

Windows phones can access podcasts through PODCASTS!, the oldest and most popular app. Another favorite is iPodcast. For a review of 16 different apps for the Windows phone, check out this article.


Because we're looking out for you, we made sure that we have our very own app available so you'll never miss a show. Available on iOS, Android and Windows devices (just click the links) and you'll be directed to the Podcast Box app, which will allow you to search for I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere once you download it.

Our app costs only $1.99 - half of which goes to the developer and half of which goes to support the show. To make it worth your two bucks, we occasionally put exclusive content into the app. We'd certainly appreciate it if you considered purchasing our app.

That's it! If you don't yet subscribe to our site, we'd kindly ask that you do. Email is one option; for audio, iTunes is the most popular.

The One Thing You Can Do

We don't ask much of our listeners. We've delivered nearly 70 shows now - all for free. We simply ask that you tell everyone you know about our show using whatever method you prefer - email, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, or whatever. But please pass along your praise for our work and help us to continue to build the definitive site and podcast for news and information about Sherlock Holmes and popular culture.

Many thanks,
Scott & Burt