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Over a decade ago, The Baker Street Journal did the unthinkable: it entered into the electronic age. That is to say, it released a CD-ROM containing every issue from 1946-2000, debuted its web site and introduced an online ordering system.

And while the Baker Street Irregulars are not yet offering an electronic subscription option to the BSJ (we believe it to be inevitable, considering what's been happening in the news and book industry over the course of the last, oh decade or so, but we certainly don't expect it in the near term), the Journal has come a long way in its recent history. From updating the style of the wrappers to including a different cover image on each new issue, the physical version is much more pleasing to the eyes and hands.

And the Journal, which has for years offered advertising space within its own pages, has begun sponsoring other outlets worthy of association, such as The Baker Street Babes and I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcasts. We trust that those affiliations have garnered the attention of a new swath of fans who have discovered Sherlock Holmes in a variety of manners.

For those interested in understanding what happens between the yellow covers can get a sample by clicking on the Current Contents section of the site, which at minimum will show the Editor's Gas-Lamp.

In addition, there are Featured Articles that provide a decent round-up of recent writings about the Sherlock Holmes stories, and of course some of the past winners of the Morley-Montgomery Award (for the best article in the BSJ each year) are available as well. And for a fuller understanding of some of the scholarship that made it into those pages over the course of the first 50 years, there are electronic indexes available (thanks to the hard work of Donald Redmond, BSI).

The BSJ 2.0

Of course, the world moves ahead and the BSJ continued to publish in the decade since the CD-ROM first was made available. So the Irregulars have decided to update the first volume, expand it to include more of the current information and update the format.

The eBSJ v2 provides a PDF archive of all BSJ issues from 1946-2011, including all the Christmas Annuals, on a single DVD.  The the new eBSJ adds 55 issues from 2001-2011, plus makes other improvements to the original CD files and is priced at $149.95.

And for owners of the current CD-ROM version of the BSJ, there is a limited time offer for a $100 discount that the BSI is offering. If you're attending the BSI Weekend, just bring Disk 4 of your set with you to the Merchants Room and the set will be only $49.95 - a $100 discount off of the $149.95 list price. If you're not attending the BSI Weekend, the offer is still good, but only until May 1, 2013. Online ordering, with additional information, will be available from the BSJ website in the week after the BSI weekend.

Until then you can find more out about the offer at this link, or in the embedded version of it below.