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Do you appreciate Sherlockian art? Or perhaps you know someone who does. In either case, you should most definitely take a look at what Nis Jessen has created.

Jessen, an artist native to Denmark, has lavishly illustrated A Study in Scarlet in two editions: a regular and a deluxe edition. This new edition of A Study in Scarlet is fully illustrated by the Danish artist. The more than 600 striking illustrations bring new life to the original text from Beeton's Christmas Annual. This beautiful volume (in oversize: 25 x 35 cm - 10" x 14") consisting of 160 pages of text and illustrations printed on quality paper and bound in fullcolor laminated hardcover, and with dust cover.The deluxe editions are produced in a run of 1,000, come with a slipcase and are personally signed by the artist.

It's clear that Nis enjoys his work, but there must be something else to it as well. We discovered, that like Holmes, he has "art in the blood," and in Jessen's case it was not likely to take the strangest of forms, but to follow in the tradition of his ancestors who were artists and writers. If you take a look at some examples from the book, you can see what we mean:

The Foreword was written by the late Edward Hardwicke, who muses, "the drawings of the characters and Victorian London convince totally, and the action and energy of the American scenes are wonderfully conveyed."

Also, if you're interested, you can purchase posters from two full-page spreads featured in the book, as well as postcards and stickers with Jessen's images on them.

UPDATE: If you do wish to make a purchase, please do so through http://www.jessen-gallery.dk and contact Nis' wife Flerida.

Reader Al Gregory has let us know that Jessen also offers many original pieces of artwork for sale for those who are so inclined. Those art collectors among you should take note and contact Nis Jessen to inquire about such opportunities.

We hope that you can find some inspiring artwork here that is suitable for owning - whether it's the book, some prints for framing and hanging in your Sherlockian sanctum - or as a gift for the rabid Sherlock Holmes fan in your life. It's most unusual and striking artwork that must be seen to be appreciated.

And if you do make a purchase from Nis, please tell him that the Baker Street Blog sent you.