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"to a collector of fairy tales" [HOUN]

We're used to seeing Sherlock Holmes in advertising. Indeed, the 2009 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual was dedicated to that subject. From cigarettes and other tobacco products (naturally) to home security systems, vegetables, baby powder, appliances, cereal and more, Sherlock Holmes has been part of the imagery in advertising for over a century.

"Did you notice nothing curious about that advertisement?" [3GAR]

In this case however, the target of the ad in question is the character himself. Or more specifically, the stories in which he appears.

Ad agency Lowe created minimalist ads that feature storybook characters hidden within storybook characters, to promote the book exchange service at Colsubsidio’s Libraries that allows patrons come in with one book and leave with another.

Titled "Come with a story and leave with another," the three illustrations of iconic characters (Snow White, Harry Potter and Little Red Riding Hood) each feature another famous figure embedded within their familiar faces (Sherlock Holmes, the Trojan Horse and Moby Dick, respectively).

Come with a story and leave with another - the hidden Moby Dick in Little Red Riding Hood

Come with a story and leave with another - Troy hidden in Harry Potter

Come with a story and leave with another - Sherlock Holmes hidden in Snow White

We hope that the campaign will spark some imagination and curiosity among young readers and lead them to Sherlock Holmes.

Originally posted on Headvertising, found via My Modern Met.

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