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No doubt you're familiar with the board and video game Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective.

Well, it's the digital era and that means there are all sorts of ways to enjoy the great detective and the various forms of media about him. Or at least, there should be.

Until now, no one has thought to make it a priority to make this fun and interactive game available on multiple devices - such as PC, Mac and mobile devices. But Zojoi has decided to take it on, and here's how they describe how the game will work:
The game is a storytelling/mystery/adventure based on an award-winning board game and revolves around using game "tools" where you choose who/what to investigate and where to direct Holmes and Watson to solve a mystery that appears to be stumping Scotland yard. Using many of these tools will costs you "clue points." Your goal is to solve the case in the fewest number of "clue points" as possible.
The new version of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective is being developed via a Kickstarter campaign. What's that, you ask? You contribute to the cause (and get others to help as well), and get the satisfaction of collectively bringing a product to market.

And in this case, you may get a credit in the game as well: levels of donation reap different accolades, such as London Constable ($9 or more), Hound of the Baskervilles ($20 or more) Moriarty's Henchman ($30 or more, targeted for the mobile app), Inspector of the Yard ($50 or more) and Reporter of the Times ($100 or more). Each level comes with some benefit, described on the Kickstarter page.

Here's a video to describe the project (please click through to the article link if you're reading this on email or an RSS reader):

And some screenshots of the game itself as it will appear on various devices. The full set is also available on Flickr.
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But this vision will never come to life without your help. Will you join me in making a donation to this very worthy cause? It's a great way to help spread the word of Sherlock Holmes and another fun way to experience his world.

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