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"Sherlock Holmes 2" is currently filming on location in France, as you're probably aware. The movie is set in 1891, following the sequence of events in the first film, and involves none other than Professor Moriarty. And today, we have a still image from the filming.

We know what you're thinking: will it be faithful to the Canon?

Image courtesy of The Daily Blam!
We're looking forward to bringing you more news about the film as the production moves along. But we're not simply going to provide you with updates that have already been made on other sites (although that will be part of our coverage). We'll be getting occasional updates from our new Hollywood correspondent - an individual who is acting as an official advisor to the film - Leslie Klinger, BSI ("The Abbey Grange"). Les is most well known for his work on The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes and The New Annotated Dracula, not to mention the entire Sherlock Holmes Reference Library.

Until then, we leave you with this gem from Vincent Starrett, BSI ("A Study in Scarlet"):

Here dwell together still two men of note
Who never lived and so can never die:
How very near they seem, yet how remote
That age before the world went all awry.
But still the game’s afoot for those with ears
Attuned to catch the distant view-halloo:
England is England yet, for all our fears–
Only those things the heart believes are true.

A yellow fog swirls past the window-pane
As night descends upon this fabled street:
A lonely hansom splashes through the rain,
The ghostly gas lamps fail at twenty feet.
Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.

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