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"You can sit there and play with me like a cat with a mouse" [ABBE]

We've seen the meetings of greats before: Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud, Sherlock Holmes and Oscar WildeAbbott and Costello and Frankenstein. The list goes on.

Now, if your inner MGM child wants to connect with your inner Universal adult, you have the opportunity to see Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. Because Basil of Baker Street wasn't enough of a murine tribute to Holmes, and because evidently Tom needs to wrack his brain with deducing clues in addition to chasing a wily little mouse, the felonious feline is becoming a Holmesian suck-up in this family-friendly animated feature film. I could summarize the plot here, but would it really matter? If you'd like an official plot summary, Animation World Network has it.

You can take a look at the trailer below:

If you're so inclined, go right ahead and purchase a copy of the DVD. And feel free to check out the other links above for other mash-ups that might be worth a read or a viewing.

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