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One of the benefits of the volunteer work that I do with the Baker Street Journal (yes, the BSJ is primarily a volunteer-led enterprise; only our printing and distribution are handled by a professional firm) is that I get to interact with customers. What it means is that I correspond with hundreds of people via email throughout the year and that I get to greet nearly everyone who enters the vendors' room during the BSI Weekend.

Occasionally I have to break bad news to people - that a shipment is delayed or that we've sold out of an item. And while I don't like disappointing anyone, I do like the little surprises that come with the territory. And have I got one such surprise for you.

The Baker Street Irregulars have become a publishing powerhouse in recent years. The Journal is and will continue to be the mainstay, but when you think about the other complementary publications that have some along, it's pretty impressive:
And we've sold out of two of our hardcovers and 4 of our Christmas Annuals along the way. Not bad for a 300 member literary society!

The good news is that I've opened new section of bakerstreetjournal.com called Deal Table where I offer specials on items from time to time. Items may include extra copies of items that were thought to have been sold out, or perhaps bundled titles that we need to move. Take a look for yourself from time to time to see what we've got. You might be able to "fill that gap on that second shelf."


Anonymous said... May 29, 2008 at 3:04 PM

I don't believe we mentioned anywhere that the "Sherlock Holmes is my Friend" button so prominently on display in the current BSI dinner picture is a replica of the button worn by the little boys in an illustration for the current Christmas Annual. Glen Miranker had them made as a special party favor.
At least it makes for one dinner photo that Bill Vande Water will have no trouble dating!

It is pleasing to learn that it sold out so fast. Good print run specing on your part.

S.E. Dahlinger