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"there are no better instruments" [WIST]

In a sharp contrast from our previous videos, in which popular songs were put to moving images of Sherlock Holmes, this installment is purely instrumental.

In a nod to Holmes's recollection of Chopin in A Study in Scarlet ("What's that little thing of Chopin's she plays?"), here's a Chopin nocturne for piano and violin.

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Anonymous said... August 9, 2007 at 9:30 AM

I would like to express my gratiude for this blog. It has toched my hart. In so many ways. I can not count how many times the vidios have brought tears to my eyes.

On the serfice Holms seems all loggic and ration. But with theies tools he found, at leat to me, so much more. He found a certen kind of beauty.

Thank you very very much for you instalments of your vison of Holmen beauty. Know it is deaply apreshated. ps. please excuse the dislexia.