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It's that time again! The Baker Street Journal is proud to announce that the first issue of Volume 57 is on its way. The Spring issue promises to be a popular one, with lots of juicy tidbits of information and scholarship to satisfy your cravings for material related to Sherlock Holmes.

The featured article this quarter contains a bold thesis by Marshall (aka "Mike") Berdan. His contribution, The Adventure of the Dead Detective, makes some heretofore taboo assumptions about the war service of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. See what he writes and if you agree with his theory. This could make for some interesting Letters to Baker Street.

Other entries include:
  • The 2007 BSI Weekend festivities round-up - a perennial favorite for those who couldn't attend in person and for those who wish to reminisce about the whirlwind
  • Everyone is always interested in real estate, so Greg Darak's "Holmes and Homes" will certainly be relevant.
  • Sonia Fetherston makes what seems to be her annual appearance in the BSJ with the unconventional "On the Catwalk: New Evidence of Worth Couture in the Canon."
  • Probably the most avidly awaited entry (certainly by followers of her blog, Mutterings, will attest) the writeup of Laurie R. King's talk for the BSI Distinguished Lecture series, "Meeting Mr. Holmes."
  • All this, plus our usual features: Art in the Blood, the Commonplace Book, reports on Sherlockian socities, and "Stand with me here upon the terrace..."
If you have not yet renewed for 2007, please don't wait any further! Head on over to the BSJ Web site, where you can find a downloadable subscription form as well as an online ordering system. And if you have renewed, thank you! Enjoy your upcoming Spring issue.