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"I am the King. Why should I attempt to conceal it?" [SCAN] 

At the conclusion of the Baker Street Irregulars Distinguished Speaker Lecture earlier this month, we wrote a quick reaction to and summary of Laurie King's talk ("I Should Like To See Mrs. King"), as a Sherlockian who was lucky enough to attend. If you've been following my little entries, I hope I've given you a taste of the "blogsophere" and how it works.

As luck would have it, Ms. King is a fellow blogger and has posted her own reminiscence, titled Holmes and King on her blog. Here is a brief excerpt of her reaction to receiving an invitation from Michael Dirda to speak during the BSI Weekend:
"It was a remarkably generous request, considering the rocky relationship Holmes and I have had over the past years. I began by stealing another writer’s character, then having the temerity to saddle this honored and dignified gentleman with a smart-mouthed apprentice (who, moreover, occasionally beats him at his own game.) And as if these indignities were not enough, when she grows up, she marries him. The nerve."
Ms. King's warm and familiar writing is evident throughout her blog; any attempt by me to paraphrase her reaction to the Sherlockian crowd simply can't approach her style. By all means, take the time to read her entry. I'll simply leave you with her impression of the Weekend:
"I have to say, those Sherlockians know how to party."



Anonymous said... January 25, 2007 at 1:42 PM

Prior to Laurie King’s performance on the Thursday evening of the Birthday Weekend I heard a number of negative opinions of her selection as our lecturer. She quickly dispelled all negativity about herself as a person and as a Sherlockian. Folks may differ in their opinions of her books but we all now agree that she is a warm, witty, and intelligent woman, and that she has a place in our Sherlockian family.

Ms. King’s brilliant solution to the age-old problem of Dr. Watson’s Jezail bullet wound(s) puts us all in her debt. Her thesis, based on research that uncovered factual information about Jezail weapons and ammunition, answers the question that has perplexed generations of Sherlockian scholars. For that alone we are all in her debt.

On top of all that, Laurie is a fun person to be around. She added sparkle and interest to every event she attended, and donated hundreds of copies of her latest book to the attendees, graciously autographing them for the happy recipients.

For entertaining and enlightening us with her lecture, for adding important findings to Sherlockian scholarship, and for helping us all have good fun, I propose a toast to the King, Laurie King.

Hear Hear!

Bobby the Bike