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As Sherlockians descend on New York City next weekend for the Baker Street Irregular festivities, I'll be doing my best to keep you updated on the goings-on, as I know not everyone will be able to attend - but I'll need your help.

I plan to blog "live" from some events (well, as live as certain events will allow me to do) and to do a little follow up afterwards. Nothing as comprehensive as exists on certain mailing lists, but a rough sketch of some important happenings and people I meet.

Now, here's where your assistance is needed. If you or someone you know can provide me with real-time updates (or at least very quick follow-up) of certain events, I would really like to have you as part of my blogging team. Here's how it will work: you'll attend an event, do a quick writeup - no more than a paragraph or two - and send me a quick email. Attached photos are welcome.

It would be great to know who is covering which event in advance. Please email me by clicking on the linked event below:
You can bookmark this entry - click on the title for this posting only - and use the above email links to send me your updates when they're ready. I'll make every effort to get them on the blog as quickly as possible.

This is just an experiment. This will be my first year blogging from the BSI Weekend. I hope you'll help me make it a huge success!