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"for the sake of the trust" [MUSG] 

In 2003, Michael Whelan, current "Wiggins" of the Baker Street Irregulars, announced the formation of the Baker Street Irregulars Trust. The BSI Trust is a not-for-profit entity that is part of The Baker Street Irregulars, a world-renowned literary society. The Irregulars are dedicated to the study of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and their Victorian/Edwardian world.

The Trust’s purpose is to assemble, preserve, and make available for study relevant materials related to the history of the BSI and to individuals and organizations such as the BSI that have devoted themselves to such studies.

The Baker Street Irregulars Trust web site has just been launched and is well worth a look. Please feel free to contact us, either through email or through a comment, to tell us about any material you may have that is worth consideration of the Trust.