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Peter Blau has graciously allowed us permission to post the HTML links from his monthly newsletter, Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press. We thought this was a convenient way of summarizing his excellent Internet-based information in one place and we'll continue to update this feature monthly.

Patty Tierney's wearable Sherlockian art

Romanzieri.com: Links to Conan Doyle stories in Italian

A Study in Sherlock, a Sherlockian Blog (also referenced in our links on the right)

The Sherlock Holmes Pub at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain

The Langham Hotels around the world

Sherlock Holmes: the Final Adventure - Information on Steven Dietz's plays

Great Whimsical Sherlockian Tour of Oklahoma and Texas - Don Hobbs recounts his adventures of Sherlockian travel in 2005

Sherlockian Resources on the Internet - John Bergquist's summary of useful links

The Sherlock Holmes Collection - made-to-measure shoes at Jame Taylor & Son

Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body - exhibition at the National Library of Medicine

Nicholas Twit: the Schoolboy Sherlock Holmes - by Cenarth Fox

And here's that photo of Rufus, the bull-terrier who won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show