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“read twelve hours a day at the annals of crime” [VALL] 

We all come to Sherlock Holmes in our own way. And Olivia Rutigliano is the first on this program to discover the detective in one particular fashion.

We won't spoil it (you have to listen to find out), but suffice it to say it was enough to propel her not only into the world of detective fiction but an education and career in writing. Olivia is Associate Editor of CrimeReads, a vertical of LitHub and she is pursuing her doctorate at Columbia University, where her dissertation is "The Performing Detective: Investigation, Audience, and Acting in Victorian Entertainment." 

As if that isn't enough to talk about, we also discuss the trajectory of crime fiction, the overlap of film (she studied film as an undergrad), and how there is a need for more intermingling of the worlds of academia and popular culture.

We also bring back the Sherlockian news and have our usual Canonical Couplet. Did you win last time? Will you win this time? A prize awaits. 

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