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“it is better to learn wisdom late than never to learn it at all” [TWIS] 

The game—of life—is afoot! In our endless pursuit of happiness, is it possible that we have overlooked some crucial clue? Sherlock Holmes says "Yes."

As Glenn Dakin kept reading the Sherlock Holmes stories, he discovered more wisdom buried in those pages than many modern-day philosophers. He extracted some examples to serve as the basis for his book, Sherlock Holmes' Little Book of Wisdom: How to Deduce What On Earth Is Going On.

Glenn's book has ten chapters with lessons from the stories, paired with his wonderfully witty and whimsical illustrations to make this journey of wisdom one of fun.

And, if you're any kind of curious Sherlockian, you'll want to know about the connection to D. Martin Dakin. The answer awaits within...

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