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David Marcum has a good 45 years of Sherlockian fandom under his belt. Based on his output of writing and editing Sherlockian pastiches, you'd think he's been at it ever since his childhood.

As the editor of the series of MX Books of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, he's responsible for bringing scores of new tales to the world, and his pace doesn't seem to be slowing down. His work has helped raise money for the Stepping Stones School at Undershaw, to the tune of $65,000.

When it comes to hats, David is a deerstalker-only guy, but when it comes to editing, he has other interests as well. We discuss these, as well as how someone who's interested in writing a Sherlock Holmes story can get David to consider theirs.

Also, we have a little news on the Enola Holmes film. And of course, the latest round of Canonical Couplets. The prize this time around is The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Vol. XXI. Entries are due by 11:59 pm EDT on September 14, 2020.

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Wessex Press is the premiere publisher of books about Sherlock Holmes, including the Sherlock Holmes Reference Library, scholarly work, and titles dedicated to the stage and screen, including Roy Pilot's landmark work, The Annotated White Company.

MX Publishing has the largest collection of new Sherlock Holmes novels, biographies, graphic novels and short story collections in the world. They just launched Sherlock & Irene: The Secret Truth Behind 'A Scandal in Bohemia'.

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